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GPOSE Commission Rates

♥ You are paying per pose. A pose will get you 3 photos of that pose, giving different angles / perspectives of the pose.
Amount of photos may vary based on location as well (tight enclosed spaces may only get 1-2, price will not change)
♥ [SFW] Solo Pose - 1 Mil. Gil♥ [SFW] Pose with Others - 2 Mil. Gil (for 2 people) + 1 Mil Gil PER person added for group shots.♥ [NSFW] Solo Pose - 2 Mil. Gil♥ [NSFW] Pose with Others - 3 Mil Gil. (for 2 people) + 1 Mil. Gil PER person added for group shots.♥ [Applying Mods] Prices will vary if you need me to mod your character for you.
Hair Style / Color / Eyes / Body / Style of Clothes etc.
Prices will vary based on complex mods, or if they are paid for mods. Can range anywhere from 5 Mil Gil to 20 Mil Gil.
If you need me to do body modifications. Yes, I do have FUTA mods.
♥ If you would like a group shot with my OC, same prices apply. But I am picky.♥ I also do not use PhotoShop - All pictures are done ingame with ReShade & Mods only.♥ Payment is before you recieve any photos. Depending on how complex the photo is, you may be required to pay upfront. I will prefer contact during the session so you can request minor changes on site. Will not redo custom poses after out of gpose.♥ I will not post your pictures onto XMA or social media platforms without your consent.

SFW Photo Reference's!

NSFW Photo Reference's!

Contact Info!

  • Twitter - PearlXIV

  • BlueSky - https://bsky.app/profile/pearlxiv.bsky.social